Aluminium, sustainable material


Aluminum is the material of the present and the future. It is innovation, avant-garde and sustainability, that is why it is the most used material in building enclosures.

It is an ecological and sustainable metal for the following reasons:

– It is 100% recyclable. The recycling process only needs 5% of the energy required to produce the metal in its original manufacture. In addition, recycled aluminum has the same properties as the initially manufactured aluminum.

– It is a key element in the creation of a circular economy and in the reduction of CO2 emissions, due to its infinite reuse and consequent reduction in waste generation.

– It is a durable and strong metal, so the products have a long service life.

– It contributes to energy savings due to the optimal thermal and acoustic insulation that it provides to a home or building.

– The aluminum manufacturing process is sustainable and is carried out based on the most demanding production standards.


Other advantages of aluminum compared to other materials (iron, PVC or wood) are:

– It has the best quality/ price

– It offers more aesthetic options adapting to any style

Lightweight (1/3 in relation to steel)

Easy machining and great malleability

Does not require maintenance

– Excellent corrosion resistance

– It does not burn or emit toxic gases


There are many platforms that reveal the benefits of aluminum:

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