We supply the aluminium professional since 1971



We are a family owned Mallorcan company dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of aluminium profiles, sheets and accessories.

We stand out for our close contact with the client and our fast delivery service. We distribute daily all over Mallorca.

Our clients are aluminium professionals: carpentry shops, glassworks, metalworks, awning fabricators, sign makers, etc. We also offer our products to individual clients, without cut to detail. If you need a quotation for your project contact our professional clients.

We are distributors in the Balearic Islands of HYDRO products. We offer in stock raw material, anodized in silver, bronze or stainless and lacquered in the most demanded colours, as well as a wide range of wood effect. In addition, upon request, we can provide our material in any colour from the RAL chart and other finishes.

The Company’s main values are the product quality, the work well done and the good relationship with the client. These values are the way that lead us to our main goal: the satisfaction of our customers.

On the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary we have refreshed our corporate image to remain at the forefront of the Balearic aluminium sector.



Hundred years of business history in the metal guild precede ALUMINI BALEAR, founded in Palma by Guillem Capó in 1971.

It was started by his grandfather, Jaume Capó, in 1875 with a blacksmith in Lloseta targeted to the agricultural and livestock guild. In 1908 continued his father, Sebastià Capó, who in 1950 passed on the torch to his son, Guillem Capó.

After some years, Guillem opened his own business expanding his offer to industrial machinery and locksmithing. In 1963, facing the need to adapt the business to the incipient construction that brought the rise of tourism, he opened in Palma the metallurgical workshop CAVI.

In 1969 he became the Managing Director of The Balearic Islands of the company Catalana de Aluminio, dedicated to the sale of profiles, sheets and accessories of this new material for carpentry that emerged strongly in the construction industry.

In 1971 he founded ALUMINI BALEAR and, few years later, expanded the business in the Industrial State Son Castelló. There he designed and placed on the market the first slat and lateral support of the aluminium Majorcan shutter. The Company was consolidated in the Balearic market as a reference store for professionals from the sector.

In 1986 Guillem created the current corporation with his five children. Since his retirement, his son Sebastià Capó runs the company. Among the employees are members of the third family generation of ALUMINI BALEAR.

In 2021 we celebrate with enthusiasm 50 years of history. We thank all our clients for their trust for half a century. We will continue to work to deserve it for years to come.

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